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The FLETCHER/STORER family bible? 

Lots of avenues were taken to find it, people looking, adverts in papers, posters, newsletters, radio,  television props department, teletext and internet. All had no results.

Then on the afternoon of Thursday 9th November a telephone call from my second cousin, a Fletcher, who had called into a second hand shop in Chapel-En-Le-Frith, Derbyshire, UK, saw a bible and on looking inside realized it was the one I had been looking for for months. He bought it and sold it to me. I have since spoken to the occupiers of the shop who informed me that they bought it from my cousin at his house clearance sale. She had taken it to a book sale, from there it had been at her house for 18 months to 2 years, she then took it to the shop and within two days my second cousin bought it, informed me and I collected it that evening. She did say they have a shop in Manchester and usually bibles are sold there to Americans. If it had gone there what would have been the chances of finding it? The odds on this sequence of events happening must be colossal. My feeling is the bible was destined to come to me.

The bible's front and back were torn off due to people opening it but otherwise everything was intact. The bible has now been repaired.

One thing which did come by way of looking for the bible was of a lady who does not keep the bibles, but does store family information within them and is willing to pass it on for a small fee.

The Fletcher Storer family bible 

Condition when found

Written in the inside cover:- 

Mary Fletcher her book 1897.

Mary Fletcher

Dam Dale Farm

Peak Forest

Dec 1897

Its contents


George Storer.    Mary Storer.

Great grannie & Grandads children

John Fletcher & Mary Ann, Dam Dale. Children born

(Why Mary Ann? I don't know, her name was Sarah Ann Ashton.)

My Grannie & Grandad's children

George and Mary Storer's children:-

Deaths page

John William Storer        Died        February 24th 1908

in the picture below is a lock of hair found in the bible and thought to be from John William Storer who died at the age of 6yrs. Below the lock of hair is a "British Red Cross Society" certificate giving a commitment for plain needlework and knitting for the troops. The two certificates on the right are "School Children of the Empire" certificates, from, "The Overseas Club" dated 1915 and 1916 certifying Christmas gifts were given to the sailors & soldiers fighting in the war. Although the names are not filled in it is thought the gifts were given by her children.

These articles were found loose in the bible

Lock of hair & Red Cross war cerificate Childrens war certificates


Henry Fletcher


4th July 1864

Ann Fletcher

9th December 1866

John Fletcher

26th March 1868

Mary Fletcher

22nd May 1875

Thomas Fletcher

22nd June 1879

William Fletcher

29th November 1881

Ruth Ashton Fletcher

31st December 1885

*Daughter of the above named Ann Fletcher

Iseca Ashton & Simon, Twins

4th February 1870

John William Storer


September 20th 1902

George Henry Storer

October 28th 1904

Sarah Ann Storer

February 15th 1909

Gladys Storer  

April 24th 1911

John Fletcher Storer 

May 18th 1914