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My Mother,

Iris Esme South Tibbles 1914-1992

Age 16

Iris Esme South Tibbles age 16 Iris Esme South Tibbles

My Grandad

Charles Tibbles 1881-1962

Charles Tibbles

He came from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK.

My Granny and Grandad

They had fourteen children twelve reaching maturity, Stanley and Eric dying in infancy.

Their Children

Top row Left to right  

Dennis 1930-, Joseph William 1928-2006, Leslie 1921-,

Charles Douglas 1917-2007, Raymond Oswald Charles 1910-1999.

Bottom row left to right  

Gwendoline Winifred 1915-1995, Joyce Muriel 1925-, Iris Esme South 1914-1992,

Daisy May 1912-1990, Emily Elsie Kate 1908-.

Missing, deceased

Gladys Eveline1901-1972, Cyril Daniel Harold 1920-1980,

Stanley 1923-1927, Eric 1926-1926.

Daniel Tibbles 1847-1912

Martha Tibbles (Nee Price) 1845-1919 and family.

(my great grandad and grandma)  

Henry Daniel Tibbles & family

Top row, left to right

Charles1881-1962, Alice 1883-, Walter 1885-1959, Emily J 1869-1937,

Fredrick William 1879-1948.

Middle row, left to right

Kate Matilda 1874-, Martha (Nee Price) 1845-1919, Daniel 1847-1912 

Mary Agnes 1867-.

Bottom row, left to right:-

Henry Daniel 1876-1942, Elsie May 1890-.