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I have a varied service that can be tailored to you, giving you the peace of mind that your  fur- fam, is treated just like I treat my own, with all the love care and attention that all animals deserve, my aim is to provide the best service with up to date technology, which will give you peace of mind knowing that you can see what your little fur ball is up to.

Dogs comes in all shapes and sizes and just like us, have different needs and demands, so if your fur babies require something out of the norm, we can discuss and I will do what I can to tailor the needs of your pet.

* 1-2-1 walks - tailored, maybe that your dog just likes time on his/her own, maybe fearful of other dogs, or not socialised to be in a group, that's ok,  we can play and have fun, still using training methods.

* Group walks - these walks are great for well socialised dogs, only up to 4 at one time, and 2 walkers for security.

* Pet sitting - This is ideal if your dog is unwell or elderly or they don't do walking, I will let them out in the garden, play spend some quality time with them, feed and or administer medication if required.

* Puppy visit/ Training - Don't have the time to invest to get the puppy in to a well socialised and behaved young dog? Then I will assist with the intervention of socialising, and training, once all vaccinations have finished, then we will be able to introduce the pup to the big wide world.

* Cat visits and feeding -  I will attend to feed and playing with your cat, whilst at work, or on holiday, ensure that the litter tray is clean and make sure that if you need cover whilst away that I will look after your home, post and plants too.

* Pregnancy and Puppies - Both of my Frenchie's have had litters,  I have experience in pregnancy and early puppies advise and expertise in this field, so if you are giving the pups round the clock care, as I did,  Then you will  need to have a couple of hours sleep or get out of the house for a few hours, I will take care of Mama and her puppies, ensuring that she does not crush them, they don't get in to any danger, if mum is feeding them then I will make sure that all pups get their share, if pups are on bottle milk I can feed or if the pups are at weaning stage watch and make sure that they are all eating playing and pooping ok, as well as checking all the weights.

* Small animal feeding and cleaning - if you have any small animal that needs to be fed or cleaned, maybe a gerbil, rabbit, hamster or fish then I will attend to their daily needs. I can also look after them if your on holiday, along with post and plants.

* Pick up and drop off service - This is ideal if you are not well, elderly or for work commitments and are just unable to take your pet to a certain appointment , I will also pick up drop off and pick up  meds and food, if struggling to do so.

* Own Home - Holiday check ins - Whether it is 1 night or 40 nights away, I can look after your home too, this means that I would call first thing on a morning, open the curtains, move post, leave a light on and draw the curtains later, ensuring that all is ok whilst away.

* Poo clearing and cleaning service-  maybe you are elderly, sick, disabled, have mobility or vision problems, or just don't like handling poo, then I will come to your home and clear up the poo in the garden and sanitise and deodorise down the pee and poo  using dog friendly disinfectant, leaving the garden/ yard fresh and clean, until they are let out again. This service can be weekly, fortnightly, daily, or just a one off.

***If you have any questions or queries and your request does not quite fit in with what I offer, just contact me and ask, I and I will do my up most to see if I can accommodate your request.***

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