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What do we offer?


Hopefully you like what you have heard and read about us, when we meet you and your pet/s we will discuss the needs of your pets and any specific requirements and the access to your home.

We will hold the key, safe and secure which will be covered by full insurance, we will arrive at your home and it will be treated as I treat my own, I will remove my shoes and collect the pets quickly and timely before making sure that the house is left again secure.

The car is air conditioned, and only in summer months the dogs will be in the car for a maximum of 5 – 10 minutes and taken to the nearest location to your home.

Body cam images will be uploaded and sent to you to show where they have been and how they are doing, also photo’s will be sent to you and uploaded to the blog page.

If your dog/s are on a 1-2-1 walk, the walk time does not start until they get to location and out of the car.

If your pet/s are on a group walk, which is no more then 4 at a time, then the last pick up will determine the location of the walk and again 5-10 mins away only. Again time does not start until we arrive at the location.

On return to your home, I have towels in the car and your pet will be wiped down paws cleaned before entering the door, your pet will be given a drink and settled down in the designated spots as agreed then say goodbye to them, before locking up securely.

Dogs are walked on expandable leads, or with the owners consent and confidence only, that your dog recalls will then be let off the lead. I will supply poo bags and treats, and treats will only given with consent.

Before group dogs are put together I will match their personalities to give the group, the best chance to socialise, play and have fun.

There are some beautiful walks near this location, Wintersett, Nostell Priory, Cold Heindley and other locations.

My name is Dawn,

I love animal so much that the best job for me is to spend all my time with the animals I love.

I have been brought up with dogs all my life and like all kinds of breeds, and know that each breed has different requirements.

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